Founded in Boston, Massachusettes in 1996, The Leather Group, Inc. has grown into a globally recognized leather sales and sourcing company. Having offices in China, India, and United States ensures our ability to better service our customers where ever they manufacture the end product. The Leather Group, Inc.'s founder, Matthew Feuer, has deep roots in the leather industry, as his family has been in the tanning industry since the early 1900's, and also helped run one of the largest tanning groups in the United States until 1994, Feuer Leather Group.

Mr. Feuer recognized the shift of production from North America to Asian countries in the early 1990's, and created his company in order to continue to work with the USA brands, but by supplying quality leathers closer to the new factory base. Shorter lead times! Quality leathers! Today, we continue to move with the times, and look forward to continuing to build strong partnerships with both our suppliers and customers.

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